Welcome to our all new website!

Welcome to Our New Site! We are so happy to have our new website up and running! A big thanks to Gareth Bentley for all the hard work and the hours of patience as he waited for Mama Linda to get her act together.

Summer months in America have come and gone and being back in Lusaka for six weeks makes it seem like forever ago.  The Chikumbuso Project would like to thank each and everyone of you for receiving me in your church, school, home, civic center etc.. There were many highlights but a few I would like to mention are:

Joining World Bicycle Relief in a 100 mile ride in Chicago.  One hundred miles is a lot further than you think but it was so worth it. Between us all ( the Buehlers, Kate and I) we were able to raise over $6000 for bikes this year.

Secondly, were some new friends I met at a fund raiser put on by the Zonta Club of Malden and the Junior Aid Association of Malden. It was a wonderful tea full of wonderful women and I would just like to let it be known those women can shop!

Hardly a bag left.

Thirdly was our Jonathan Edward Winery fundraiser with Ben Taylor singing out his support for Chikumbuso.  By the way his band can shop as well! This evening was well attended and it has been suggested that it become an annual event.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who were so supportive over the past few months!


Chicago Bike Ride

Linda, Bruce & Kate - The Fast Team!