Help Chikumbuso Help Women in Prison

Under a grant from Rotary International, our STARY (Skills Training for ARisk Youth) team learned to produce a Comfort Kit – Washable/Reusable Sanitary Napkins.  The original purpose behind this was to create a unique product in the sewing room for sale and distribution through local NGOs to schools in Lusaka and the surrounding areas for girls who often miss going to school during their monthly period because they lack money to purchase disposable pads.

Our efforts with that project have been well received.  Now our team has turned its attention to another group of women in Zambia that are desperate for similar assistance – women in prison.

The conditions of prisons for women in Zambia would shock many people. Supplies must come from the outside. Overcrowding, brutal beatings, rape and a complete lack of sanitation are just a part of life.  When food is hardly available – you can be sure no one has disposable pads.

We believe that giving them a Comfort Kit, soap, a bucket, underwear and a whole lot of kindness can help alleviate some of these women’s profound suffering.  Even knowing that strangers care about their well-being and a most basic need like this, that few would address, can be a comfort to them.

Our friend, Sarah Showell is working with Mary Mwale, STARY trainer and counselor, to fundraise, produce and distribute these kits to local prisons.  “We can even have people write notes of encouragement to the recipients to encourage them and slip them in the packets,” Sarah says.  What a great idea, huh?

Will you help us?

Check out our Global Giving project page to learn more and make a donation.


Zambian Art & Design Christmas Fair

Yesterday was the Zambian Art & Design Christmas Fair (formerly known as the Sugarbush Fair).  It was a great turnout!  The parking lot was full of customers and the tents were full of vendors.  Chikumbuso had a great spot and we sold a ton of bags.  We’re very happy with the results of everyone’s hard work!

Barclays Visits Chikumbuso

We had a great day with employees and managers from Barclays Bank.  They brought loads of food, chickens, beef stew, cabbages for coleslaw, nshima and so much more.  They worked hand in hand with the ladies cooking all morning for the students.  It was like Christmas come early!  They also brought donations of school books and plastics.  Thanks, Barclays, for a great day!