Mini Golf Fundraiser

Last Wednesday, Linda told the ladies that they were all invited to a mini-golf event and lunch, sponsored by people wanting to contribute to Dialess (Zambia’s Barista Champ) going to Addis and Austria that couldn’t go themselves, and so bought tickets for the ladies to go.  There was quite a discussion about going – none of them have been golfing, for sure, and I think they were a little trepidatious.  But the fact that lunch was included convinced about 42 to take the risk.  Linda kept telling them, “You don’t have to golf,” but really, who doesn’t love mini golf?  They came and had an absolute blast!  We had a ton of fun.  And after the golfing, we all sat down to a steak dinner at one of Lusaka’s best steak restaurants.  Judith kept looking around and said to Linda, “Mama, we’ve never been to anything like this, this is such a nice place.  Thank you so much.”  And a huge thanks to everyone that bought tickets to send them to experience a whole lot of things they’ve never imagined.


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Computer Training


Our friend, Margi, is visiting Chikumbuso to do computer training.  Check out these photos and videos below to see what’s happening.  Imagine!  Beauty is learning to type!

Computer Training 1

Computer Training 2



A Letter from Bob, our Partner from Blue Moon Cafe

Want to get involved in sending the Zambian Barista Champ on her way to Addis?  Check out this appeal from our friend and partner, Bob Keating…  And you can donate easy by just clicking here!

Dear Friends & Family,

On November 23, 2011 Dailess Nalwamba, a coffee barista from Blue Moon Cafe, won the 2012 Zambia National Barista Championships. It was an amazing day. I had closed Blue Moon early so that all our staff could attend the awards ceremony. When they called Dailess’s name as the Champion my staff rushed the stage, threw her into the air, and began chanting “Blue Moon, Blue Moon, Blue Moon.” They even starting dancing the Blue Moon Slide, which I didn’t know existed. It was great to see all our hard work and practice pay off.

We are now working to send Dailess to the birthplace of coffee, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from February 15-19, 2012, to compete in the Africa Barista Championships.  After Addis, Dailess is off to the 2012 World Barista Championship in Vienna, Austria, from June 12-15, 2012.  These are two high-profile events and we are excited to get to represent Zambia at each. On top of this, we are also working to be able to send one of Dailess’s fellow baristas from Blue Moon with her to each event. The issue….we need to raise some money to cover their travel and registration costs.

I’d like to kindly ask for your help by donating $40 to buy a ticket to the Mini-Golf Tournament & Marlin Lunch Fundraiser on January 28th. Marlin is our local steakhouse and the steaks are wonderful! I realize almost all of you will not be able to go to this event. But, if you do buy a ticket we will organize for a lady from the Chikumbuso Women’s & Orphans Project to take your place.

Chikumbuso is a fantastic organization that helps over 85 single mothers and widows by teaching them sewing skills, cooking skills, and life skills. They also provide free schooling for over 300 kids in the Ng’ombe area. I should also mention that all of my staff at Blue Moon Café come from Chikumbuso. For many of these ladies, having the chance to laugh over a round of mini-golf and eat a delicious meal at one of Lusaka’s best restaurants will be a once in a lifetime experience. Visit to learn more about Chikumbuso.

If you are able to purchase a ticket, we will send you an emailed video thank-you from the Chikumbuso lady(s) that you sponsored. It’s a small token of our appreciation and we think you will enjoy getting to see the smile you put on someone’s face. Our goal is to sell 100 tickets to earn enough to cover two RT plane tickets to Addis Ababa.

Details of how you can help out are in the attached flier. You can purchase your ticket…or TICKETS…by sending money to me via Paypal, by sending a check to my parents in Florida, or by sending a check to my friend Moges in Washington, DC. Please feel free to forward this email to other friends you think may want to help. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Bob Keating

Managing Director

Blue Moon Café

Lusaka, Zambia

260-0977-368-628 or 1-202-657-5671 (free international call to my Zambian cell)


Good News

Schools in Zambia begin their calendar year in January.  This time of year is busy at Chikumbuso buying school supplies, double checking our enrollment and getting everyone settled for the new school term.

It’s also the time that we do our major role call anticipating our big purchase of health scheme cards.

This year, however, the new government has increased the budget in the health sector and now Zambians can go to their local clinics for free primary care!  This will help tremendously with folks that would put off going to the doctor because they don’t have the money for fees.  It will also encourage check-ups for children under 5, a very vulnerable group.

This is fantastic news and we are all very thankful.

However, we have been raising funds for the purchase of this year’s cards.  We plan to ‘bank’ that money for the purchase of medications and treatments for our project members.  Even though everyone can go to the doctor and find out what is wrong – they may not be able to afford the remedy.  Banking money now will allow us to help our widows and students if and when they become ill.

A big Thank You! to everyone who has participated in caring for the health of our widows, orphans and grandmothers!  God bless you in 2012!

Click here for more information on Zambia’s announcement regarding this big change!