February Already?

This month – Happy New Year! Land Acquisition status, Carly’s Student Spotlight, and more!
From Mama Linda
2013 is the start of a new year for Chikumbuso Project without Mama Linda on site. When I left last year for Brooklyn I was not sure what was going to happen at Chikumbuso (founder syndrome :)) but its growth and strength have been such a blessing to watch “from afar”.
We have Lisa V. to thank for this as well as the widows themselves who have stepped up to the tasks ahead. No one has been afraid to move on and to get better. The school under our great teachers is growing and thanks to many of you will soon have their own sixth grade room.
Mary and Rose in the single moms continue with their new classes, reaching out to those who just need a bit of help. I am so pleased and look forward to returning there in April to sing, dance and boast about what the Lord has done.
Thank you all, our supporters, for entering in and staying with us. You are a blessing to so many who have nothing to offer you but their thankful hearts and hard work.  Blessings for this new year of 2013. 

Carly’s Student Spotlight

We now are almost one month into the new school year, and I am happy to report positive results from the Christmas book drive and reading program at Chikumbuso. Safila, grade 4, is one shining example. As my sponsored child she is always looking to read with me or my parents in the library. The first week of school she asked me if we could sit down and read the book she received on Christmas, “ The Hidden Hunter.” I was amazed at how well she read, and she laughed as she told me it was her favorite book. Just this past week after reading a few books in the Library with my mom, she went to her backpack to pull out “ The Hidden Hunter” when asked what her favorite book was. Safila told my mom that she carries it to Chikumbuso every day. And to think, just 3 years ago she was too shy to talk to the “muzungu” in her broken English.


Happy 2013!

Back to School

Seeing all the Chikumbuso students rush back to school in January is truly wonderful.  A wise friend once said about working with small children – “Isn’t it great? We get to work with people who want to be here!” It is certainly true about Chikumbuso’s students! It’s been a blur getting everyone settled with supplies, fees and uniforms for the older students while waiting for test results for our 7th, 9th and 12th grade students.  We are all celebrating our outstanding students – every 7th Grade student passed with the Zambian equivalent of A’s and B’s!  This is an amazing achievement and speaks volumes about the standard of education they received at Chikumbuso through 6th Grade.  As of this writing – we are waiting for final results for Grades 9 and 12.

Great Visit from Sabrina and Paul!

January has brought our great friends and supporters, Sabrina and Paul Buehler.  Paul is working very hard interviewing all our students getting up to date information about their lives and new photos.  Sabrina has been tireless working in the library, organizing books and helping with our reading program; helping with bag design; clearing our new land for farming vegetables with volunteers from World Bicycle Relief; helping in English Class with our widows; and, so much more.  It’s been so much fun having them here – and their daughter Carly, our intern for 2013, has been happy to see them, too!

Land Acquisition Update

A quick word on our new land… we have fundraised for the FULL purchase price!!  THANK YOU! Our actual possession will take place later this month once all the title information is cleared.  Look for updates and photos on https://www.facebook.com/chikumbuso?ref=hl

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