A Truck It Is!

Dear Chikumbuso Champions,

Sometimes I feel I spend my time saying thank you over and over and over. What are more innovative ways to say it? Gracias, Zikomo, Danke? How about a resounding, WE HIT OUR TARGET!

Between race registration fees, donations and sponsorships, we raised $28,250 dollars! A fine supporter and friend in Zambia has agreed to sell us the new truck at a discounted rate of $28,000 – $10,000 less than list price. What an amazing feat and beautiful blessing!

The race was wonderful this year – even with a bit of rain our racers were not deterred. We had 30% more registrations over last year and we are hoping that this now becomes an annual event for racers all over the Northeast. That means if you didn’t run this year, you better start training.

Again, and as usual, we could not do the work we do without each of you. I can’t wait to go to Lusaka and drive around without worrying about breaking down again and again.

Much love to all our racers, supporters, and friends,

Linda Wilkinson

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