Dear Reader,

In Zambia today the AIDS crisis continues. Despite years of fighting this virus there are 15% of adults who are infected leaving behind 800,000 AIDS orphans.
The real struggle is for those who are left behind.
How are they to find fullness of life? Where will a widow find food and make a livelihood? Where will the orphans find schooling and become the children that they were created to be?
Is it possible to find wholeness in the midst of so much brokenness?

In God’s Word we are told to care for the orphans and widows… we are not asked to do this but told emphatically to do so.

So it is up to us, you and me, to join with these courageous people and bring back wholeness to their lives.

In Ng’ombe compound, on the outsides of Lusaka is a grassroots project, Chikumbuso.
On a daily basis this community center is filled with many widows, orphans, and grandmothers who have found community and a hope for their future. Here behind the walls of the center they find peace from a life so consumed with the struggle of just getting by daily.
In the community center are 73 widows who work on a micro enterprise that brings them back to life economically and socially. The once debilitating AIDS stigma falls off as they learn to hold their heads high and care for those around them.
At the center’s school over 350 students restart their lives in an environment of freedom far from fear. These once “lost” children find themselves surrounded by a community of people who care for them on a daily basis and desire only the best for them.
In the tailoring room at Chikumbuso are 30 young adults who have left the streets of the slum to come to Chikumbuso and learn new life long skills in both tailoring and cooking.
Outside, in the slum, live 20 grandmothers who sleep well at night because Chikumbuso cares for their daily needs through sponsorship and a caregivers program.

I invite you to be a part of this life changing community center. Help us as we continue to bring hope to widows, educate and dress children with warm sweaters and fed bellies, and give single moms the means to care for their children.

Check out the website and see how you can help.
You will be blessed.

Linda Wilkinson