After School Programs

After school programs teach children to apply what they are learning in an environment outside of the traditional classroom.

Boys / Girls Scouts Groups

“The Scout movement helps children organize themselves and contributes to the development of young people in achieving their physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional potential as individuals. Scouts were introduced at Chikumbuso in 2008.  Our scouts’ troop has nearly 50 children varying in age from 7-14 years old. Scouting has taught them that they are in this community for a purpose. Our children have been trusted to organize themselves. They can keep their community clean, help others, and encourage each other to do their best. As a result of this program, our children will make great community leaders.”

Gladys Mushinge
Scout Leader

Gospel Choir

The children at Chikumbuso have many gifts but one that is used regularly at our school is their voices. Gladys, our second grade teacher, spends an afternoon a week teaching and training these children to unite their voices in a beautiful choir. These children are often asked to perform at the school for special events and visitors.


Environmental Club

One afternoon a week children are also invited to join Gertrude’s environmental club where they are taught about wildlife protection, forestry, and health and sanitation. Each semester the children at Chikumbuso give back to their community with a clean up day. Last semester the children returned from the slum with sixty industrial sized garbage bags full of trash.


Soccer Club

Chikumbuso students have been the fortunate recipients of several Grass Roots Soccer interventions. This has sparked an interest in the students to have their own soccer club which meets regularly and also competes with other soccer clubs in the area. Good sportsmanship is an important focus of this program. Girls in particular blossom under this training as their self-awareness increases.