Grandmother Outreach

Many grandmothers in Ng’ombe are left with sole guardianship of their orphaned grandchildren due to HIV/AIDS and other causes of early death. These women are often unable to work and struggle to support the children they have been left with. As part of Chikumbuso’s mission statement “to remember to do for others” we have incorporated grandmothers in our support program hoping to lighten their load.

The widows who work at Chikumbuso live in the community, so they are best equipped to learn about grandmothers in need of sponsorship. Today we support 20 grandmothers with monthly deliveries of food, fuel and a mattress to sleep on. Every month the widows of Chikumbuso reach out to 20 courageous women who care for their grandchildren left to them after their own children died. Twice a month the grandmothers are visited by a caregiver and given a 25 kg bag of mealiemeal, oil, candles, soap, salt and charcoal. You can help us support these grandmothers by making a donation in the name of a loved grandparent of yours by clicking here.

Chikumbuso has upgraded from charcoal to firewood and revolutionized the lives of our widows through the use of rocket stoves.  Click here to learn more or to buy a rocket stove please click here.

Could you sponsor a grandmother?

Please click here to read/download our Frequently Asked Questions for Chikumbuso Grandmothers!


The Story of Eneless

Eneless Mwanza’s husband died in 2004 of polio and since then her life has been a struggle. Her husband worked as a day guard guarding the homes of others. When she could, Eneless would do “piecework” in the compound to help supplement the income. Piecework in the compound consists of going from house to house asking if there is any extra work that needs to be done – washing up dishes, doing laundry, etc.

Together this couple had ten children, but today only two are alive. Eneless can no longer do piecework. She is too old to walk around looking for work. Her two children live far away, but they have “given” her three grandchildren to care for her and help her around the house. Her home is a two room block building without electricity. She owns her house, which is a relief because she does not have to pay rent.

Her neighbors give her some vegetables when they can, but otherwise no one, but Chikumbuso is there for her. Eneless often receives the visits of Agness, one of the widows of Chikumbuso. During her visits Agness brings food, but also asks about Eneless’ health and the condition of her children. It is like having a family who cares, someone to rely upon.

Eneless recently received a stove from Chikumbuso which means that she does not have to struggle to find charcoal anymore. Her grandchildren collect the small amount of kindling needed around the neighborhood. She can cook once a day and keep the remaining kindling for the evening in the stove “warmer”. This stove can keep them warm on the cool rainy days.

There are many other grandmothers like Eneless. Click here to help someone just like her..