Sponsorship gives Chikumbuso a dependable source of income and provides you with a greater connection to the community here in Ng’ombe!

Thank you for choosing sponsorship as a way to help our Chikumbuso community – please email chikumbusosponsorship@gmail.com so we can connect you with the child or grandmother most presently in need.  Thanks again for your support!


For Grandparents:

If you have a passion for the elderly, or if you would like to support a grandparent in honor of a loved one, many Zambian grandparents are now caring for their grandchildren as their immediate children have all died of AIDS. Help them raise the next generation of Zambia in a healthy and hopeful environment.For $30 a month, you provide a grandparent with enough charcoal, mealie meal, oil, salt and soap to live on for a month. We also provide them with a mattress, blanket and mosquito net. This monthly delivery is essential for bringing the family out of extreme hunger and poverty and enables the children within the household to go to school instead of work.

Please click here to read/download our Frequently Asked Questions for Chikumbuso Grandparents!


For Orphans:

Many children in Ng’ombe live without at least one parent. Often the missing parent may be the father, whose income is sorely needed. Take the time to look over the opportunities to help:

For $450 a year, you provide a child with a mattress, blanket, mosquito net, washing basin, toothbrush, toothpaste, umbrella, a new pair of school shoes, a health card that provides a years worth of services at the local clinic. The child also receives a monthly delivery of soap, mealie meal, oil, sugar and beans.

Click here to read / download Frequently Asked Questions on Full Student Sponsorship


For $250 a year, you provide a child who has graduated from Chikumbuso school with the opportunity to continue his/her education. This support pays for the school fees (exam fees and sports fees) as well as their school uniforms and supplies.

Click here to read / download Frequently Asked Questions on Student Education Sponsorship



If you would like to setup a recurring donation for one of the above, please select your choice below:

Thank you so much for setting up your recurring payment.  Our aim is to make it easier to donate and keep your sponsorship going.  Be aware that your recurring payment will continue on the date chosen until you choose to cancel with PayPal.  Chikumbuso is deeply grateful to each of our sponsors for your faithful help with widows and orphans!

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