Thank you for choosing sponsorship as a way to help our Chikumbuso community – please contact us at sponsor@chikumbuso.org so we can connect you with the child or grandmother most presently in need and send you information on your sponsored child or grandmother. Thanks again for your support!

Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship sends a child to school with all the requirements and benefits. Your sponsored child will also receive a monthly food stipend package to help the feed the whole family. Thanks for sharing with these vulnerable children.

Grandmother Sponsorship

Sponsoring a grandmother in Ng’ombe makes a huge difference in their lives. Mealie meal, cooking oil, soap and candles are essentials they cannot provide for themselves. Thanks for making a difference!

Sponsor Monthly

To sponsor a grandmother or student on a monthly basis, please click the button below:

Sponsor Yearly

To sponsor a grandmother or student on an annual basis, please click the button below:

Thank you!
Thank you so much for setting up your recurring payment. Our aim is to make it easier to donate and keep your sponsorship going. Please be aware that your recurring payment will continue on the date chosen until your selected end-date. If you would like to check out what other donations are available, please click here. Chikumbuso is deeply grateful to each of our sponsors for your faithful help with widows and orphans! By choosing a recurring donation option above, you’ll be linked directly to LiveImpact for payment processing.