The School

In 2006, Chikumbuso opened the school with 30 students.  Today, there is a full grade 1-6 program educating nearly 300 students. In Zambia today the government schools are full and overflowing.  For orphans the opportunity to go to school is slim. Malnutrition is a major hindrance to learning but at Chikumbuso each child is served a lunch that is often their only meal of the day.

Essential to the learning environment is good health care.  Every student, teacher, widow, single mom and grandmother is given a yearly health card providing them access local clinic.  The cost of this health care is $10/year.  Click here ( to purchase one and to help us keep our babies healthy.

Approximately 150 students that have graduated from Chikumbuso Community School have continued their education in other private and government schools through our Child Sponsorship Program.  For Ng’ombe compound this is life changing – in the poorest areas of Zambia the dropout rate going into secondary school is nearly 30%. To give our students a better chance at an education Chikumbuso has chosen to send their sixth grade graduates to local paying schools. The average cost for this  education is $250 per year for fees, uniforms and books.  Click here to sponsor a child’s education for a year.

This year we are especially proud; one of our earliest students has enrolled in university!