A New Way To Donate

It is not surprising that my nephew and his wife started an app called Giving Back since that is pretty much their mantra. Back in 2005 when Chikumbuso was just a whisper of what God was planning for widows and children in Ng’ombe Mike and Shelley with some of their friends committed to buying, in cash, an old bar and brothel in the middle of a slum that they had never seen.

It was their obedience to do what God had asked of them and give back in measure for the blessings they had received. Today Shelley and Mike still give with open hearts to a ministry that they have never seen. That is faith at work. I, along with all of us at Chikumbuso, would like you to try out this new app and see how you like it. It makes donating on your computer, ipad, iphone or android easy as pie. It is our turn to give back to them after all at Chikumbuso we remember to do for others.

Download the app for IOS here or for Android here.

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