A Quiet Response

If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to one another. – Mother Theresa

At Chikumbuso there is a young man who understands what Mother Theresa means when she says, “we belong to each other“.

Quiet acts of kindness flow frequently from him.

Akim is in grade six this year and for the past two years at Chikumbuso he has been modeling this behavior.
He is helpful everywhere; in the garden and in the school kitchen helping to feed his fellow students.
On weekends he comes to ask Trudy how he can help keep the school yard clean.
When John, our volunteer, is working he helps.

Akim’s family lives in poverty but they have taught him the value of community. His family is happy that he is at Chikumbuso, making good choices.

Life in a slum for a young man is difficult. As a boy struggles to help his family poor choices are often made but Akim has chosen well and lives a thankful life.
We pray that he remains in this same spirit so that other students can see and learn from him the positive power of giving back.
*Akim was sponsored this year and now takes food home to his family on a monthly basis.
If you would like to sponsor a child please visit our website: www.chikumbuso.org

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