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Annual Appeal

Chikumbuso 2019 DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE! This year 31 of our high school graduates dream of going to college. Like her classmates, Tabitha Soko has overcome incredible hurdles to get a high school degree and this dream. Hurdles such as walking miles to school, studying without electricity, and sharing books in the classroom. But Tabitha is one of the lucky ones, she has been given the gift of a sponsor who will pay for college and help with other costs. She still has a big job to do, but she can do it with the support of her sponsor and Chikumbuso. But college isn't just ...

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We kept our Promise

Last year we promised that with your support we would keep Chikumbuso “moving and shaking” and I am proud to say that it is still a thriving community center where abundant blessings are being bestowed on widows, students, single moms and grandmothers. Over the year ...

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Chikumbuso’s Pele-TON is a Winner!

  Chikumbuso Gives Back! Part of Chikumbuso's Mission statement is to Remember to do for others... and that is what we did with a fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief. 32 People rode and 52 attended the dinner at North Stonington's WheelerLibrary. Q and A Part of our evening was spent interviewing Dave Neiswander the President of WBR. He shared with us the importance of bikes in the lives of students in Africa and why in particular a focus on girls. There was ashort WBR video of the ...

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A Quiet Response

If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to one another. - Mother Theresa At Chikumbuso there is a young man who understands what Mother Theresa means when she says, "we belong to each other". Quiet acts of kindness flow frequently from him. Akim is in grade six this year and for the past two years at Chikumbuso he has been modeling this behavior. He is helpful everywhere; in the garden and in the school kitchen helping to feed his ...

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Mother’s Day Card

How do you honor your mother, daughter, sister, friend, on Mother’s Day? What about giving a gift in honor or memory of that special woman in your life? When you give to Chikumbuso you support widows and children who are working tirelessly to make better lives for themselves and their community in Zambia. Thanks to artist Erika Lefstad, you can give a beautiful, personalized card on Mother’s Day by downloading and printing it here:Mother's Day Card  What a lovely way to honor the special women in your life while supporting some of the bravest, most generous ...

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Wonderful Description of Chikumbuso..

A Truck It Is!

Dear Chikumbuso Champions, Sometimes I feel I spend my time saying thank you over and over and over. What are more innovative ways to say it? Gracias, Zikomo, Danke? How about a resounding, WE HIT OUR TARGET! Between race registration fees, donations and sponsorships, we raised $28,250 dollars! A fine supporter and friend in Zambia has agreed to sell us the new truck at a discounted rate of $28,000 - $10,000 less than list price. What an amazing feat and beautiful blessing! The race was wonderful this year - even with a bit of rain our racers were not deterred. We ...

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Changing Lives Through Sponsorship

And now, God, do it again bring rains to our drought-stricken lives So those who planted their crops in despair will shout hurrahs at the harvest So those who went off with heavy hearts will come home laughing, with armloads of blessing.   (Psalm 126)   Sponsorship at Chikumbuso continues to be an integral part of our program. And each time I interview students I am reminded of how much these students need us. When I see our kids out in the courtyard of the school having lunch or playing with others I wish that I could know each one by name, ...

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Post Mardi Gras

This Lenten season let us remember those who struggle. This year Chikumbuso celebrates 10 years of being in Ng’ombe working hard to help others find their way in the world. The road is not easy for these children. They are asked to break with the past and move on into a future that is coming at them fast and furiously. Their lives have been bound by poverty and poverty does not want to let them go. Despite the blessing of a free education several of our children, especially the girls, have chosen to drop out of school as they hit puberty. The cultural pressures to marry ...

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International Day of the Girl

Tilape is one of our girls participating in our Gap Year Program. We invited 16 high school graduates to join us for a program designed in three parts to take them through some basic life skills, including some discussion about HIV/AIDS, communication and finding your motivation. Next they'll be learning more about employment and basic finances. When Chikumbuso began ten years ago, the children and women had nothing. No skills, food, or education. Dreams of a better life seemed very far away. Our students barely could think beyond coming to school for the free lunch ...

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