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A New Way To Donate

Giving Back Mobile
It is not surprising that my nephew and his wife started an app called Giving Back since that is pretty much their mantra. Back in 2005 when Chikumbuso was just a whisper of what God was planning for widows and children in Ng'ombe Mike and Shelley with some of their friends committed to buying, in cash, an old bar and brothel in the middle of a slum that they had never seen. It was their obedience to do what God had asked of them and give back in measure for the blessings they had received. Today Shelley and Mike still give with open hearts to a ministry that they have ...

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September at Chikumbuso

What a month! We had some fabulous friends and interns visit us. Michelle and Ainsley helped Carly put in place some additional curriculum for our math program. We have high hopes these fun games and tweaks will help our students really take in math as a favorite, not just something to get through exams. Courtney brought a lot of expertise with social media (check out our trial Etsy site she's put together) and plain old hard work. All these talented young ladies helped with putting together the information for our new website. Big thanks to Gareth Bentley who did ...

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Margaret and the Power of Mercy

Margaret Tembo
We’d had bible study that day – about Elisha and the chariots of fire.  We were talking about the power of God and the mercy of God. He not only displayed his power in blinding the enemy and capturing them, but also showed them mercy, as they feasted and returned to their homeland.  We wondered whether they stopped attacking because of God’s power or if it was the mercy shown to them. “Ah, this is a good story about Elisha.  I want to share a story about this very point." My tenant wasn’t paying his rent.  For three months, he didn’t pay.  So I ...

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Grade 6 Classroom Update

Grade 6 Classroom
The new Grade 6 classroom has come along so nicely. Thanks to Golder Associates Africa (Pty) Ltd. and our wonderful contractor, Mr. Kaula, everything has moved along at a good pace with great quality control. Mr. Kaula has taken on some of the youth from our project, our guards and even some of the widows, giving them jobs on site so they can earn a bit of extra money and also learn the skills of bricklaying, plastering and proper preparation for painting. We are working on getting connected to ZESCO (Power Utility) this week and the painting will begin in earnest next ...

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Our New Website

We are so happy to introduce our friends to our new website! Gareth Bentley created our original website in 2011 and this year while we prepare for our upcoming 10 Year Anniversary, we all felt we were ready for an update. Our new website is designed to show more about our project visually, give more up to date information and help connect our supporters more easily to getting involved through purchasing our products or donating to our fundraising goals. You will also notice that we’ve updated our logo. We loved, loved, loved our old logo, but the new logo allows more ...

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