Educating Children
In Zambia, the government schools are full and overflowing. Our artists found even the cost of a school uniform far beyond their means. In 2006, Chikumbuso opened the school with 30 students. Today, there is a full Grade 1-6 program educating nearly 300 students with about 150 sent to higher grades at other local schools at no cost to them or their family.

In addition to receiving a quality education at no cost, Chikumbuso provides a daily nutritious meal of nshima or rice, a protein and a green vegetable. Healthy minds and full stomachs do better in school. Often this may be the student’s only meal of the day.

Q & A

Read on below to find out more about our school at Chikumbuso.

  • Where do you get your curriculum?

    We use the standard Zambian government curriculum and supplement it with additional reading and math programs. This ensures that our students are provided with an education that parallels private schools. After secondary school, this approach will help our students perform in a very competitive job market.

  • Are your teachers Zambian? Are they certified? Are they paid?

    Yes! We are very proud of our all Zambian teaching staff. Most of our teachers have successfully completed a one year teaching certification. We are also thrilled to be sending one of our teachers, Misheck Mvula, to a three year program.

    It is common for community schools to rely on volunteers who have completed their secondary education only. This often presents a problem because these volunteers eventually leave for other money making opportunities, leaving students stranded. We have a high retention rate for our teachers because they are trained and paid.

  • Where do you get the money to run your school?

    Through donors, our various fundraising activities and the sales from products. You can donate to our education fund; help sponsor a classroom by participating in our ongoing fundraising campaign at Global Giving; or, create your own fundraising page. Ideas for personal fundraising campaigns can be found by clicking here.

  • Do only artists’ children attend Chikumbuso Community School?

    No. We also take in students from other families that live in Ng’ombe compound. Intake is usually at Grade 1, families come and meet with our principal, expressing a desire to have their child attend. The community of widows give input about the family and their needs, and we take in those that we can. There are so many children running on the streets in the compound; we are so blessed to be able to take in those we can.

  • Can I sponsor a student for education only?

    Yes, you can contribute to our education fund by going to our Donate Page and selecting “Education Fund” from the drop down menu. Or to sponsor a child fully, including a monthly food stipend for their family, send us an email to to let us know you are ready to sponsor, go to our Sponsorship Page and choose your payment option via PayPal, and note in the memo line ‘New Student Sponsorship.’

  • How many students have completed Grade 12?

    35 students have completed their secondary education and four are currently working on their post secondary level education.

  • What happens to the students after Grade 12?

    We are just starting a new Gap Year Program designed to carry our students through to either higher education or connect them with local employers. Some students completing this program will qualify for scholarships and go on to follow their dreams of university level education.

  • How can I volunteer locally at the school?

    Contact Getrude Banda at +260 97 7369097 and she can arrange a meeting and a program for your volunteer time.

  • Can I donate school supplies to Zambia?

    Yes. You can ship items from our suggested supply list directly or you can donate money for school supplies that we purchase here.

    Suggested list of supplies:

    Every day school supplies: • Dry erase markers
• Sharpies/ permanent markers (all colors)
• Glue
• Glue sticks
• Tape
• White out
• Highlighters
• Blue/Black/Red pens
• #2 pencils
• Index cards
• Sticky notes
• Erasers
• Folders
• Clear plastic sleeves to protect important papers (A4 size, **not Letter or Legal size)
• Big binder clips (to turn white boards into lap boards)
• Student/adult scissors
• Rulers
• Art supplies (construction paper, paint, decorative items..etc)
• Freezer zip lock bags for storage (Gallon, quart, pint, snack size)

    Bigger items: Sports equipment (soccer balls, basket balls, rubber balls, frisbees, jump ropes, basket ball nets..) • Individual student white boards/Chalk boards. (please make sure they are good quality so they will last) • Math supplies (flash cards, unifix cubes, pattern blocks, tangrams, counters, etc.) • Small storage bins to protect supplies • Student dictionaries/encyclopedias • Lightly used books 

    Health Supplies: 
• Tooth brushes and toothpaste • Children’s vitamins
• Lotion
• Bandages 
• Ice packs
• Hand sanitizer • Alcohol wipes • Pain killers
• Medical Gloves
• Neosporin

Please consider sponsoring a child through school, it will quite literally change their life! Donate Now

In Zambia...

  • Girls finish primary school - 65%
  • Orphans under 15yrs - 1.2million
  • Children affected by HIV/AIDS - 1.2million

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At Chikumbuso...

  • Girls enrolled in Grades 7-12 - 68
  • Student passes at Grade 7 in 2013 - 100%

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