International Day of the Girl

Tilape is one of our girls participating in our Gap Year Program. We invited 16 high school graduates to join us for a program designed in three parts to take them through some basic life skills, including some discussion about HIV/AIDS, communication and finding your motivation. Next they’ll be learning more about employment and basic finances.

When Chikumbuso began ten years ago, the children and women had nothing. No skills, food, or education. Dreams of a better life seemed very far away. Our students barely could think beyond coming to school for the free lunch and the excitement of being in a classroom.

Now Tilape has dreams. She wants to become a lawyer. Once she completes the Gap Year Program, in addition to meeting some local employers and learning skills to help her get a job, she’ll also be eligible to apply to Chikumbuso for a scholarship. Her dream of becoming a lawyer is her motivation for not getting into trouble while waiting to find the means.

Today we celebrate girls, and for us at Chikumbuso, we especially celebrate girls like Tilape. We celebrate their commitment to their dreams. We celebrate that they are the game changers in their generation. We celebrate being the bridge that conveyed them from poverty to a place where dreams and hopes can become reality.

Join with us in this exciting work of helping dreams come true. Sponsor a child. Donate to our Education fund. Contribute to adult student scholarships. There are many ways to get involved. You will be truly blessed by making a real difference.

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