Meet Esnart

Esnart lives just around the corner from Chikumbuso in a small two room block home. The ‘veranda’ has its place – a fallen-in front room from lack of care and poor construction.  When one visits Esnart, you’ll find children, sitting there, playing games with rocks or fiddling with wire and garbage to make kites or car toys.

Esnart once had eight children, but four of them died long ago, leaving her with these children to care for.  Esnart can be a very grumpy old woman – very often shouting and abusing her caregiver, Beauty, about why we aren’t doing more for her, like fixing that broken down house, but we all love her anyway. If any of us lost all those children, we’d be grumpy, too.

The other thing about Esnart is that even though when she sees us coming, she begins to grumble, asking for biscuits and house fixing, she also loves being photographed.  As soon as she sees a big professional camera, she plays to the camera like a professional model.  In the dark of the little house, it is so beautiful to see joy on her face at being seen and admired.

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