Meet Innocent

Innocent is one of our sponsored children at Chikumbuso. Next year, he will be going to one of our partner schools, Ngombe PTA.

Last year, at Sports Day, Innocent experienced both triumph and tragedy in the space of a few minutes. During the relay race, Innocent grabbed his baton and began streaking away from all other competitors. As he rounded the corner of the pitch, he was at least five lengths ahead and running with a huge smile, knowing he was clear to win. In his joy, he leapt up over the finish line, like a gazelle, so graceful! Sadly his landing wasn’t graceful at all and we all ran over to find him cradling a broken arm.

We quickly took him to the hospital where we spent a long day consoling him and seeing his break reset. Now his arm is “good as new” and he suffers no long term ill effects. And he still runs like the wind.

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