Meet Tiyankenji

Tiyankenji was just a young woman and Chikumbuso just a still small group of women when her grandmother died. Gertrude and Meketayi gave the dying woman some peace in the promise of caring for this young girl, already a double orphan. Chikumbuso did not have a safe haven yet, and the girl went to live with an uncle. She had to walk very far to get to school, but was determined to complete her education. Life at home became more and more difficult and we found Tiyankenji needed more intervention in her life to keep going in the right direction. Lisa’s Safe Haven came just at the right time. Tiyankenji was the first child we identified and moved into Lisa’s Safe Haven. On the day of the opening, Meketayi blessed her and reminded her to live up to the promise Chikumbuso made to her grandmother. It’s a big responsibility to become an educated woman in Zambia, but with challenges like Tiyankenji’s, it would be impossible without the help given by Chikumbuso.

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