September at Chikumbuso

What a month!

We had some fabulous friends and interns visit us. Michelle and Ainsley helped Carly put in place some additional curriculum for our math program. We have high hopes these fun games and tweaks will help our students really take in math as a favorite, not just something to get through exams.

Courtney brought a lot of expertise with social media (check out our trial Etsy site she’s put together) and plain old hard work. All these talented young ladies helped with putting together the information for our new website. Big thanks to Gareth Bentley who did the really hard work!

Anastazia got new glasses.

Ana's new glasses

We are nearly done with our new building, just waiting for the final documents to complete our electrical hookup.


Emma has been working with the ladies to create some new embellishments and bag shapes.


Sabrina and Maureen helped Annie big time in the library, cleaning, rearranging, and strategizing about reading groups.  They are also bringing back a very special painting to celebrate our anniversary.

Barbra and Esther painting

Sheila helped out getting our new Gap Year program started with Mary. Thirteen young people attended and said their biggest concerns are “the risks inherent with idleness.” They are well aware that not being in school or employed leave them very vulnerable to drugs, alcohol, unintended pregnancies and family pressure to marry.

Gap Year

One of my own projects has been a reading club. I started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with eight boys from Grade 5. The story has so many things they can relate to – poverty, elderly grandparents that live at home, and dreams of a better life.


Yesterday, we took a field trip to visit a glass elevator – only a few of them had ever been on an elevator. After brief instructions on elevator etiquette, and a few rides up and down to practice, we discovered they were quite nervous of the escalator nearby.  So we did a brief trial of that, too.


We ended the afternoon with ice cream and Sheila was our guest reader for the day. Even the folks around stopped to listen and laugh about Mike Teavee and his shrinkage – so much fun!


Great month and so much to celebrate going into our 10 Year Anniversary!

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