We kept our Promise

Dear friends,

Last year we promised that with your support we would keep Chikumbuso “moving and shaking” and I am proud to say that it is still a thriving community center where abundant blessings are being bestowed on widows, students, single moms and grandmothers.

Over the year we have seen students move on in school with great scores and high aspirations for their future. We hope to find the funding for 30 students to attend college this year.  This is a first for their families.

While I was in Zambia this October the school put on an Independence Day festivity with poetry, skits, and song that would have made the President of Zambia proud. It was an inspiring presentation of all that is good in a world that is struggling.

This year the widows achieved their own goal of enabling each widow to own their own property, securing a future for their children. They continue to make their beautiful bags and care for their families on a daily basis.

Single moms are now not only caring for themselves but are also supporting their families.  One of our single moms, Alice, shared her story of poverty to empowerment letting us know that through Chikumbuso and the gift of tailoring she is able to support her mother and send her siblings to school. She is a blessing in their lives and a tribute to Chikumbuso of a woman who works diligently to make a difference in her family life.

As Chikumbuso moves into its 13th year we feel so blessed and yet we know we are not able to support this program without your continued help. Please as you go into this giving season we ask that you Remember Chikumbuso and all that it is doing to empower the lives of the poor. You can make a donation at  www.chikumbuso.org or send a check to the address below.

Please believe that your contribution to Chikumbuso Women and Orphans Project has made it what it is today.

With great appreciation for all you do,

Linda Wilkinson
389e Wyassup Rd
North Stonington, CT. 06359


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